“What is it like to have a burger place in Oak Creek? Well, it’s awesome.” – Pete Liapis, Co-Owner

For 25 years – and counting – the Liapis family has been serving up fun in Oak Creek. In 1991, with more than 40 years of diner experience, George Liapis and his wife Dina opened Georgie Porgie’s. The fast-casual restaurant has unique décor, mouth-watering food, and very friendly service.

“It’s something different, it’s not your everyday burger place,” said Shelly Urban, a long-time Georgie Porgie’s employee. “It’s unique, and interesting. Everywhere you look, there’s something different.”

Today, George’s sons Pete and Lou co-own Georgie Porgie’s. They plan to keep serving up burgers and frozen custard in the restaurant on Howell Ave. and Ryan Rd.

“We’ve been here over 25 years now,” said Pete Liapis, “and we absolutely love Oak Creek.”