“Oak Creek has this great vision to have a good mix of retail and quality of life for local residents.”– Joseph Roth, Public Affairs Manager – IKEA

IKEA, the Swedish-founded furniture store, recently unveiled plans for a new location in Oak Creek. Since then, excitement has been growing around the city. Not just for the new store, but for what it means for many other local businesses. With IKEA as a destination, Mayor Steve Scaffidi believes that local restaurants and hotels will see an increase in customers.

“Those 1.3 million people who shop at IKEA every year eat at our local restaurants, stay in our hotels, and shop at department and grocery stores.” Scaffidi said. “We care about the whole package – and IKEA becoming part of our community helps all of Oak Creek.”

Both Oak Creek and IKEA are excited for this partnership and look forward to many years of working together to continue building a strong community. Construction is set to begin in Spring 2017 with an opening in Summer 2018.