“I think Oak Creek is a growing community, and we’ve been fortunate to grow with it.” – Amy Plennes, Business Manager

Trattoria di Carlo is “the perfect Italian restaurant”: the food is delicious and you’ll feel right at home. Carlo Pedone, the owner of di Carlo’s, uses authentic recipes to cook up Oak Creek’s best-tasting pizza, pasta, seafood, and more. The Pedone family has been cooking for many generations, and running restaurants in the United States for over 35 years.

In 2003, Trattoria di Carlo opened on S. Howell Ave. in the heart of Oak Creek, and within reach of South Milwaukee, Franklin, and downtown Milwaukee. Pedone has built relationships with many customers over the years, and Oak Creek remains a great place to run his restaurant. Oak Creek welcomed Pedone with open arms 12+ years ago, and knows that Trattoria di Carlo will be a vital part of our community for years to come.